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Zynthoria RPG


Welcome to the Zynthoria RPG. Below you will find the rules, a blank character sheet that anyone may use for their Dekroid, and a stats sheet which tells you the stats that each trait gives your character. The Zynthoria RPG is an official game held by one of the official game masters of the species for cannon updates. You may also use the content of Zynthoria to play non cannon games between yourselves with your dekroids as well.


Game Rules

Rule 1

Each action must have one action dice roll and one reaction dice roll. This is regardless if it is against a creature, spell, physical object or action. for example player one wants to attack a monster the player rolls an attack, and the monsters rolls a defence dice. if the player reaches the dice roll threshold it counts as a hit, if the roll is under the threshold it is a miss. once a succesful hit is made it falls to the monsters results if the monster meets the threshold it is a save and no damage is taken if they do not the hit "goes through" and does damage to the monsters Life points.

Rule 2

Reaching a threshold. Modifiers will affect the thresholds for actions, for example if a tenacity has a 3+ threshold this means if you roll a d6 and you get a 3 or above you have passed the threshold and the action is a success.

Rule 3

In Combat each side for example the party and monsters take turns to "activate" these do not need to be taken in any specific order and the party can discuss who should take their turn. Once a plaer or monster has activated it cannot be activated again until the combat round has finished. a combat round is over when all combatents have taken their activation or skipped.

Rule 4

Unless a ability or effect states otherwise during an activation you can move, attack or make an action

Rule 5

All Adjudication and Arbitration is the responcibility of the Game Master. Any action thresholds are made by the game master and can be changed for any reason the game master sees fit for example if a player wishes to make a jump across a ledge and fails a 3+ threshold the game master may say the threshold is now set at 4+ as the ledge has crumbled. Any preset stat cards are guides not law.

Rule 6

All Dekroids have 15 health point, these can only be healed with an ability, event or at the end of a mission. If a player faints as a result of reaching 0 will be rescued by their Purl but will be unable to further take part in the mission. Rewards for completing a mission will be shared by all members regardless if they fainted or not.


Dekroid Dragon Character Sheet

Above you will find a link to the official Dekroid Dragon character sheet that you will be required to use when playing. You can make your own version if you desire, however this character sheet has been made for your ease, and is free to use for any official dekroid. 

If your Dekroid has an uncommon trait, please see the trait book to see which symbol represents your uncommon trait. 

For lore purposes you may want to enter your dekroid in to a guild. This is optional but good for character story building.

To use this dice roller, put the amount of rolls you need on the first line, make sure the second line says the number 6, then click roll.

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