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Supra Lucem Society

Location: Edge of Ceili.

Speciality: Research and Alchemy.


Dekroids dedicated to research, science and alchemy. This guild prides themself on discovery. Their leader declares any Official new trait potions, upgrades, biomes and research events.


The mystic arts and sciences are the bedrock of this intellectual brotherhood. While from the outside the pristine and cold halls and towers seem unnatural or sterile to the uninitiated. Those of the society wouldn't have it anyother way. It is simply too inefficient to be otherwise you see. Supra Lucem Society was built to fulfil three core tenets, one, to seek knowledge so it may lead to enlightenment. Two, to become enlightened so you may illuminate others. Three to let those who have been illuminated, be your beacon on your path to seek knowledge.


Many of the learned folk leave their bastions of learning to go into the world and learn firsthand although few linger beyond the boundaries before heading back to the sanctity of the libraries for too long. In the society halls the sacred silence is often broken by the crescendo of chaos that erupts from the experiments of the curious or the fervourios debates both grand and mundane. You see, despite all working toward the same goal good ideas really exist in a vacuum nor do they exist unopposed. This is understood only too well in the society and is seen as a display of respect, especially the more vigorous the debate. 


The academy life isnt suited to all seekers of the secrets. It is not unheard of for teams or lone seekers to wander the world sometimes the only way to prove something is…in the field testing. Across the lands no matter where you go members of the Supra Lucem Society are met with the utmost reverence if not mixed with a touch of apprehension for the trouble that usually follows or as they call them “experiments”.

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