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Meet the team. Here you can see who to contact if you need assistance with the Dekroid species.

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This is a closed species. You can not create a Dekroid unless you have purchased an adopt or MYO from myself (Dragonsfur). Dekroids are a playable species in the ARPG I am creating.


By creating or owning a Dekroid Dragon you are automatically agreeing to these terms of service on this page.

General Rules of the species.

  • I (Dragonsfur) maintain complete Intellectual rights to the Dekroids, Dekroid Dragons and all official species and lore for Dekroids and my world building project, Zynthoria. Receiving or creating a Dekroid or Dekroid Dragon does not give you any legal ownership over the species, nor does it grant you rights over my world building. The species and world building for them is my (Dragonsfur)'s creation. 

  • I solely maintain all rights to using Dekroid dragons and my Zynthoria world building project in commercial projects (This includes but is not limited to games, comics, movies and shows). Purchasing a dekroid does not pass over any commercial rights, nor does it give you any rights to commercial projects I make in the future. I (Dragonsfur) maintain all commercial rights of Dekroids and Zynthoria.

  • All dekroids must have four body colours or more (Eye and claw colour is not included).

  • The species has an official master list where you can see all dekroids which have been created and approved. You are responsible for checking the masterlist when purchasing a Dekroid Dragon. You are responsible for updating the transfer log of your own character independently and it is not our responsibility if you do not check or update this.

  • You can not interact with the Dekroid's community spaces using an unofficial design that does not follow the trait rules and is not on the masterlist.

  • You can not post any NSFW content in the official dekroid discord or facebook groups (This includes NSFW pictures that have been censored) If you do this you will be given a strike or even banned.

  • Dekroids and Dekroid dragons must not have large breasts, genitals or defined nipples in their masterlist image or any of the official species spaces. All official spaces are to stay completely SFW.

  • You can opt to not follow the official world building of Dekroids for your character and make your own lore for them, however, for community events the official world building will be used.

    You must still follow the trait book even if you are following your own lore.

  • You can play the RPG amongst yourselves for fun, the game layout works in a similar way to D&D and you create your own scenarios. There are official monsters and guilds you can use during the game on my site or as mentioned above you can make your own lore.

  • When bidding on an official auction or buying an official design/item/MYO slot from myself or a guest artist for the closed species, you must be sure that you can pay what you are bidding. Backing out is not accepted and you will be banned from participating in sales for a specified amount of time.


The reason I have decided to have my species be a closed species is because I want to preserve it and keep it as lore based as possible. The ability to check and approve designs has become important because it makes sure that the dekroids which are being made are staying true to the core anatomy and traits of the actual species, but I can also see what is being made for when Zynthoria becomes more of a RPG. 

Building a world from the ground up takes a lot of work! and any support is greatly appreciated.

I can not wait to grow my world building with you all ! ! ^^



How much can I sell my Dekroid for?

How do I transfer my Dekroid?

You must accompany the original design with additional art or items for it to be sold for more than it's base worth. If it has more than what it originally came with you can sell for as much as you like.


If a Toyhouse is linked to the masterlist, you just need to trade the toyhouse linked to complete your trade. To successfully trade it if a Deviantart is linked to the masterlist, you and the buyer must reply to the trading comment of that Dekroid's deviantart post. If the current owner is using a different social media as their Masterlist ownership, they must message myself (Dragonsfur) via the account they have linked to their ownership for it to be transferred.


What can I use my Dekroid for?

Dekroids/Dekroid Dragons are for personal use only. 

Physical or digital content (including written) that is made for mass profit must have a royalty/licensing partnership or agreement with the owner and merchandiser of Dekroids and Zynthoria species.


These situations are looked over individually on a case-by-case basis. This rule is for small businesses and large businesses who want to produce physical and/or digital merchandise at a larger scale using the Zynthoria or Dekroid name.


At this time you must have a partnership to produce:

  • Premade VR-chat avatar bases (not customs or one-offs).

  • Continuous physical merchandise (shirts, bags, comics, keychains, etc). Doing a small one off item (ex 100 piece one off run or below) is not what I consider mass profit. However, if it became more than a one off run and/or more than 100 items are sold with intention of carrying on, I would ask you to be partners. You must actively own the character, and have created the design via a MYO slot. If you did not design your character please seek written permission from the designer of the character for the above to be applicable.

If you are a suit maker, you must obtain a MYO or premade before creating a suit, please provide proof of masterlist to your customer if your intention is to sell as a premade or custom, and update the ownership when/where applicable.

YOU MUST NOT SELL MERCH OF, OR, INCLUDING THE OFFICIAL MONSTERS OR IN-GAME CHARACTERS (As I, Dragonsfur, am the rightful owner of the monster's designs and NPC's within Zynthoria).

  • You do not have permission to use this species (Dekroid/Dekroid Dragon), or their world building for commercial use other than what has been noted as allowed in the above.

Only myself (Dragonsfur) reserves the right to choose how to use the dekroid/dekroid dragon species and official world building in a commercial or monetary way. 


What if I no longer want to be part of the species?

You can void Dekroid Dragons that are on the masterlist if you created their design via a paid MYO slot and you own it.


You may not void Dekroid Dragons that are on the Master list which are won in events, created during free MYO events, created by someone else via a MYO slot, or created by me (Dragonsfur).

When voiding a dekroid or dekroid dragon, you must edit the design so that it no longer resembles the species.


  • Please remove their dekroid hands and feet with the fused gems and change them in to something else. Please change the ear shape and nostrils.  


You must send it through the redesign channel with the masterlist link and image vs the new design. When I have approved that it looks different enough to not be recognised as an official Dekroid dragon anymore, it will be removed from the masterlist, and voided from the species. 

Voided Dekroid dragon characters can not re enter the species and are treated as if they were never part of it unless you obtain a brand new MYO slot with the rarity needed for the voided design.



What are the rules for redesign?

You can slightly redesign Dekroid Dragons. They must resemble the original design and use the same colour palette with the exception of small hue/brightness changes. You must be able to still recognise which character it was before and a redesign must always be based off of the original design.

Redesigned dekroids must also, of course, still follow the species anatomy.

You can not edit a Dekroid's trait list at this moment in time unless you have an event item.


Redesigning a design made by someone else originally or won as an event prize does not give you permission to void the character from the species masterlist. This action is only allowed if it is your MYO design via a purchased MYO slot AND you own it.

When re designing an already re designed Dekroid Dragon, you must use the absolute original design as the base and never the re designed one. The re design must always resemble the absolute original design.

If the character no longer resembles the original design enough, the re design will be refused. 

You do not need to update the masterlist image or seek approval if you are just doing a small change such as a gender change or hairstyle change.

If you are unsure on your redesign you can submit it for pre approval.

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