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Dekroids come from a planet named Zynthoria. As of right now only a small portion of the world has been officially discovered which you can see below. As the species and community grows sections of the map will be uncovered through events and quests.

The dekroids are a species that are located in Ceili, which is a kingdom they have built for themselves. They have adapted to the land and are usually seen with short or long fur to protect them from the snow. Zynthoria is very dangerous, and has been around for thousands of years. So long, in fact, that this species is the second of it's kind. The ancestors of Dekroids used to inhabit the world once before but were faced with an extinction event which did succesfully wipe out the old ones along with other species from that time. The Dekroids you see today came to be after much time had passed since that event and although seemingly technologically advanced, compared to the old inhabitants of the world, they have barely touched the surface.

Certain monsters that you find in the biomes are genetically modified and have been that was for the entire time Dekroids have roamed this world, but it was their ancestors who did this to the monsters in the first place. These would be the species that did not get wiped out during the extinction event.



Ceili is the kingdom of this continent. It was built from ruins which the Dekroids salvaged and grew from there. The kingdom is located in a grassy area just off of the snowy mountains. Within it's walls is one of the safest places you could be. In the kingdom there are three guilds:

- Royal Guild

- Hunters Guild

- Research Guild

A Dekroid will usually choose one of these three guilds to join and work for if they are not planning on becoming a merchant. You can find out more about the guilds in detail on their respective pages here.




Gems are what is used as currency in Ceili. The colour and shape will differ depending on the worth. Above you can see what each one looks like. These are stones which are dropped by monsters on quests or in dungeons, or obtained via chests. You can also obtain them by completing art and submitting it to the local art merchant in Ceili who will pay you for your contribution.

You can purchase items at shops or guilds for gems. These include inventory items such as totems, wands, weapons, armour, robot replacement parts, and food. 


Uncommon Traits

Dekroids are a species which experiment on themselves. There are three sub classes of such instances where they were able to pull off a core genetic mutation which you can see above. No Dekroid can have two uncommon traits as it is too much on their body. When attempted in the past all subjects quickly passed as their bodies simply couldn't handle it. 

This is how skins came to be, which is what the legendary and mystic traits are. They have the eye catching appearance that they were after but have absolutely no function other than looks and aesthetic. 

Ageing and Reproduction

Dekroids do not have reproductive systems in their bodies, they use alchemy to create offspring instead. A parent can be anywhere from one participant to three, and can be any gender.

The process starts by the alchemist extracting some of the parent's gem liquid and shaving off some of the stone for the potion. It is grounded and mixed with other ingredients until it becomes a goopy paste. This is slathered on to a stone, which then over the next few months will be eaten away at as the paste makes it's way to the core. It hollows out the stone and expands until the inside of the rock is filled with the goopy contents. An embryo starts to form. At this stage, the stone starts to lose it's colour, becoming more transparent as the time goes on. Inside the stone you will see the embryo growing and the goop will turn to the colour that the baby's paw gems are going to be. 

The gift of birth is seen as sacred to dekroids. They can only reproduce with other Dekroids or themselves.


Dekroids are a species which are able to fall in love with eachother. They will usually show this by gifting carvings to one another. If a dekroid's uncommon trait is magic, their partner may carve them a special wooden staff or a wand. For double up and robot replacement dekroids they may carve special arrows, bows, or weapon handles and so on. This tradition is similar to a welsh tradition in humans where you carve a love spoon out of wood for your beloved. The more intricate the carving, the more love it is showing. 

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