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Children of the Hunt

Location: Outskirts of Ceili.

Speciality: Hunting and Gathering.


Dekroids dedicated to hunting and gathering. This guild is strength driven, they take pride in defeating monsters and bringing back gathered loot from their quests to sell to the Research guild and shops. Their leader declares any Official new monsters and fauna discovered and hunting events.


There is no official schooling in Ceili, most children are either taught a trade through apprenticeship or join one of Zynthorias guilds. While Dekroids that are diligent studies may find their home in the Supra Lucem Society or those who have dreams of gleaming beacons of justice will enlist with the United Retinues, the unruly and adventure hungry will always find a  home with the children of the hunt. 


A hierarchy based on skill wisdom and usually who’s hunted the biggest prey offer not only their keen senses to fellow Dekroids but through their understanding of nature, dangers beyond civilisation and geography they are a fantastic asset to the towns they settle as well as a useful outlet for some of the more….energetic Dekroids.

There are many guild halls across the towns, villages and cities that belong to the children, with their main and founding hub located on the off skirts of Ceili. Each hearth is unique and unusually reflective of its guild leader but more often than not the halls of the hunt are warm, welcoming, bursting with noise and excitement. Tales of past challenges are recounted with glee and passion. Each member knows one truth binds them all regardless of any differences. When you face the dangers of Zynthoria as frequently as the children do, there is too little precious time to live timidly.

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